High Speed Interconnect Technology

High Speed Interconnect Technology

A revolution in high speed interconnect technologies is generating breakthroughs in multiple fields. Lark RF Technology is leading the commercialization of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) Interconnect.

LCP Interconnect markets include:

  • Satellite Communications
  • RF Wireless Microwave
  • Fiber Optics Silicon Photonics
  • Aerospace / Defense
  • Image Processing
  • Medical
  • Data Center Storage
  • Power Management
  • Memory DDR5-GDDR5
  • Semiconductor Test System Level Test
  • IoT Wearables
  • High Speed Digital 28Gb-40Gb-56Gb 100G-400Gb
  • 5G Wireless Base Station-Back Haul
  • Automotive Radar Collision Avoidance



Benefits of LCP Interconnect Technology:

  • High frequency circuits beyond 40 GHz while conventional circuits have trouble at 10 GHz
  • Smaller lines and spaces with tuned performance allows more circuits in a smaller area
  • Up to 10 times thinner than conventional circuits
  • 25% fewer materials needed to fabricate
  • 25% fewer process steps
  • 1/5th cost of capital equipment needed for production
  • 5-10 times more accurate and precise with better registration
  • Construction is near hermetic and implantable for medical devices


RF and High Speed Design Center of Innovation
Benchmark established an RF High Speed Design Center of Innovation in Phoenix, AZ. The facility will offer the design and manufacturing of fabricated assemblies using LCP and other state-of-the-art substrates utilizing conventional materials. The Design Center offers prototyping, engineering, testing and next-generation technology development services from concept to production launch in one centralized location.